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Join the birthday club and help children in the hospital or part of an organization.




Learn about philanthropy.



Parents and Guardians...

The Peter Pan story can teach your children about giving.




Use Peter Pan in the classroom for enriched learning.



Young at Heart...

You do not have to be a child to join the fun.



Hospitals / Organizations...

Encourage a new generation of philanthropists.



Second Star to the Right...

A special award for generosity.



Great Ormond Street Hospital


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Cathy Rigby

Cathy Rigby, Broadway star and two-time Olympian gymnast, is the Honorary Chairperson of the Peter Pan Children's Fund and promotes the charity to audiences all over America. Read about Cathy's Centennial Tour of Peter Pan.

Read more about Cathy at


John Capozzi

A friend of PPCF, author John Capozzi, who has over 15 million of his work in distribution and who has historically given 100% of his royalties to nonprofit organizations, has just completed his seventh book called Getting it Done.

It is a book about getting ahead in business and life and is a perfect gift for anyone of any age. John has agreed to give our organization $5 per book if you put our code in the PayPal box (PP 1234) upon check out. You will also get a 10% discount on the purchase.

Please visit Getting It Done and check out this great book.


Julia Hart

In 1992, a young girl named Julia Hart decided to give up birthday presents and raise money for a children's hospital. Her generous gesture would later inspire other young people to become philanthropists. This was the beginning of the Peter Pan Birthday Club.

Read more about Julia and her instrumental role in the Peter Pan Children's Fund.


Parents and Guardians

Congratulations on encouraging the spirit of generosity in your family!

Celebrating a birthday is important, but celebrating without presents in order to help other children, has the potential to help your child develop a positive habit at a young age.

Empowering your child to be in charge of his or her own fundraising event and to have a chance to see how their donations might be used to help other children makes the experience even more memorable.

Raising money for a hospital/organization that cares for sick and injured children is in keeping with the charitable legacy of the Peter Pan Story. The copyright was given to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London by Pan's creator, Sir James M. Barrie in 1929. The proceeds from the play and book have helped many, many children grow up.

If your child/teenager is interested in participating in The Peter Pan Birthday Club or if they plan to organize a youth fundraiser, please make sure they register their party/event with the Peter Pan Children's Fund right here on our web page.

Your child should decide if they wish to benefit a hospital/organization or if they wish to have the money raised support the Peter Pan Children's Fund. If you decide on a hospital/organization, donation checks should be made out in the hospital/organization name. After the party/event, we encourage the child to visit the hospital/organization in person to present their gift.

PPCF will acknowledge the generosity of young people with an official certificate and Order of Pan pin. In addition, your child may request a gift of $100 for their hospital/organization by completing the Peter Pan Gift Application and mailing it to us along with confirmation from the hospital/organization of their donation.

Your child will be considered for induction to the Second Star to the Right Hall of Fame, which recognizes extraordinary acts of generosity by young people who support hospitals that care for children. Past inductees included children who have had repeated birthday parties and those who have influenced one or more friends to follow their example.

If you need help in finding a hospital/organization, email us. The hospital does not have to be listed on our website. You can choose any hospital/organization. If your child is too young to understand philanthropy and you would like to send donations to The Peter Pan Children's Fund, we will use the money to support the Peter Pan Hospital/Organization Gift program.

The Peter Pan Children's Fund is a 50lc(3) charitable organization and donations may be tax deductible in accordance with Federal guidelines. Through the youth philanthropy programs of The Peter Pan Children's Fund, hundreds of thousands of dollars has been donated to hospitals that care for sick and injured children.